Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bagaimana penentuan had laju sesuatu jalan ditentukan - How authority determine the speed limit ? - Malaysia

Had Laju Kebangsaan (National Speed Limits) is a set of speed limits applicable on Malaysian expresswaysfederal roadsstate roads and municipal roads. The National Speed Limits was enforced on 1 February 1989 following the National Speed Limit Orders 1989 (Perintah Had Laju Kebangsaan 1989)

Like any other countries in the world, failing to obey the speed limit on Malaysian roads and expressways is an offence as subject to Malaysian Road Safety Act 1987, which can be fined up to RM300, depending on the difference between the speed limit and the driven speed.

Highway 3 lanes - 70km/h

kampung road - 70km/h

kampung road - 90km/h

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