Thursday, November 11, 2010

Simulation of Physics affect using Softimage’s ICE platform

Simulation for physics affect using Softimage’s ICE platform. It is very useful to model the earthquake effect, landslide, criminal scenery, tsunami and many more.

Simulation of Physics affect using Softimage’s ICE platform @ My Green .

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bagaimana warga Afrika memperdaya gadis

BUDAYA warga Afrika yang begitu asing dan kasar menimbulkan ketidakselesaan di kalangan penduduk tempatan di negara ini. Lebih mencemaskan, kebanjiran golongan itu di beberapa lokasi sekitar ibu negara menggambarkan mereka seolah-olah penduduk asal kawasan berkenaan.

Tidak dapat dipastikan status sebenar golongan yang dikenali sebagai Awang Hitam ini, sama ada mereka benar-benar pelancong, pelajar atau memasuki negara ini secara haram.

Video berikut menunjukkan bagaimana warga Afrika memperdaya gadis sebagai keldai dadah.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Tayangan Filem Tamil Sempena Depavali 2010

Gerak Khas The Movie (Depavali Special)

Anti Tower (Part 1)

Anti Tower (Part 2)

Just for fun..
tak ade kene mengena dengan yang masih hidup atau sudah meninggal dunia..

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Real Life Red Riding Hood

Real life Red Riding Hood

Swimming Animals

Swimming is biologically propelled motion through a liquid medium. Swimming has evolved a number of times in a range of organisms ranging from arthropods to fish to molluscs. But, sometimes nature can be strange and funny, and to give swimming power to animals that don’t belong to water! Bellow you can see funny examples of that animals swimming.

Swimming elephant

elephant swimming 1 Five unusual swimming animals

Nazroo, a mahout (elephant driver), poses for a portrait while taking his elephant, Rajan, out for a swim in front of Radha Nagar Beach in Havelock, Andaman Islands. Rajan is one of the few elephants in Havelock that can swim, so when he is not dragging timber in the forest he is used as a tourist attraction. The relationship between the mahout and his elephant usually lasts for their entire lives, creating an extremely strong tie between the animal and the human being.

elephant swimming  Five unusual swimming animals

Swimming horses

swimming horse  Five unusual swimming animals

Horses paddle with their legs, with most of the motion from the knee down, and they are quite buoyant. Most enjoy swimming! “Most horses see no reason to enter the ocean–there’s nothing to eat, they can’t drink the water, and they’d have a hard time escaping predators. However, in warm areas with small waves, some horses can actually enjoy ocean swimming.

swimming horse 1 Five unusual swimming animals

Swimming tiger

Swimming tiger  Five unusual swimming animals

This is a shot of Odin, a six year old tiger at Six Flags Marine World Africa. Unlike most cats, Odin loves to swim. This shot was taken by my ten year old daughter during her visit to the park. Odin is about ten feet long, was taught to swim by his trainer and by watching another tiger. He is gulping a chunk of raw meat tossed in the water in this photo, that is called motivation–tiger style.

Swimming tiger 1 Five unusual swimming animals

Swimming deer

swimming deer  Five unusual swimming animals

If you startled a deer, you might not expect it to jump into the nearest pond and submerge itself for minutes. But that is exactly what two species of mouse-deer in Asia do when confronted by predators, scientists have found. There are around 10 species of mouse-deer, which are also called ‘chevrotains’. All belong to the ancient ruminant family Tragulidae, which split some 50 million years ago from other ruminants, the group that went on to evolve into cattle, goats, sheep, deer and antelope.

swimming deer 1 Five unusual swimming animals

Energy Manager Training Course

New Efficient Management of Electrical Energy Regulation 2008 which has been introduced by Energy Commission required any installation which generated or consumes more than 3000000 kWh in 6 consecutive months to appoint registered energy manager. The training enables participants to fulfill roles specified under the above regulation.

This training is organized under ASEAN Energy Manager Acreditation Scheme. ASEAN member countries are aware of the benefits gained by implementing energy efficiency activities. Some countries are currently proposing training courses for energy managers to build their technical skills.

Nevertheless, the effective integration of energy management systems by end-users has not succeeded because energy managers are lacking managerial skills. Also energy managers have no access to the decision making level of their organizations.

Therefore, to actually incorporate energy in the management policy of a company, the energy management role must be assigned to a senior manager.

Ir Nor Asmi Bin Ramli from TNB given a speech on the last day.

Participants struggled for EM group project.

Scatter Diagram - to analyze energy efficiency performance

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bengkel Green Building, JKR Negeri Sembilan di Kuala Terengganu

Pada 14 Oktober hingga 17 Oktober 2010 , Bengkel Green Building untuk JKR Negeri Sembilan telah diadakan di Kuala Terengganu. Bengkel ini bertujuan untuk memberi pendedahan mengenai teknologi Bangunan Hijau (Green Building).

Yg Bhg Dato' Ir Dr. Roslan bin Md. Taha, Pengarah JKR Negeri Sembilan memberi ucapan.

Permandangan matahari terbit di pagi hari di Laut China Selatan.

Rumah penduduk di sebelah hotel penginapan.

Peserta bengkel sedang khusuk mendengar penerangan mengenai teknologi bangunan hijau. Turut didedahkan kriteria bangunan hijau berdasarkan rating tool Green Building Index (GBI) dan LEED, perbandingan dengan rating tools yang lain.
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