Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Energy Manager Training Course

New Efficient Management of Electrical Energy Regulation 2008 which has been introduced by Energy Commission required any installation which generated or consumes more than 3000000 kWh in 6 consecutive months to appoint registered energy manager. The training enables participants to fulfill roles specified under the above regulation.

This training is organized under ASEAN Energy Manager Acreditation Scheme. ASEAN member countries are aware of the benefits gained by implementing energy efficiency activities. Some countries are currently proposing training courses for energy managers to build their technical skills.

Nevertheless, the effective integration of energy management systems by end-users has not succeeded because energy managers are lacking managerial skills. Also energy managers have no access to the decision making level of their organizations.

Therefore, to actually incorporate energy in the management policy of a company, the energy management role must be assigned to a senior manager.

Ir Nor Asmi Bin Ramli from TNB given a speech on the last day.

Participants struggled for EM group project.

Scatter Diagram - to analyze energy efficiency performance

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