Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Net Lima Tower: The Philippines' first certified green building

The mega structure:

The Net Lima Tower is the first certified ‘Green’ mega structures of The Philippines. Chad Oppenheim is the concept design and master plan consultant of Net Metropolis 5th Avenue of which Net Lima is the first tower. It is located in the heart of the Fort Bonifacio Central Business District just outside of Manila.

There will be 3 office towers of Net Metropolis for creating maximum flexibility, comfort, and efficiency. The entire project is designed with versatility and efficiency in mind. Each tower floor plate is designed keeping in mind the differing tenant demands, minimizing interior columns and harnessing maximum sunlight penetration through the work environment.

The design incorporates all sustainability strategies, from passive external shading devices to roof mounted vertical access wind turbines to a graywater re-use system for irrigating all on site landscaping. The Net Metropolis 5th Avenue is an environmentally responsive building, standing as a landmark for the next generations of its developers. Top Philippine developer, The Net Group, selected Chad Oppenheim, who is a renowned green architect to create ’The Net Metropolis’, who participated with the Philippine Green Building Council (PHILGBC) in the actual creation of the nation’s new rating system BERDE (Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence) to implement the first tower in the project.

Designer+ Architecture: Chad Oppenheim, the Miami based famous green architect.

Location: the Net Metropolis is located in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, The Philippines

What makes it mega?

The Net Metropolis, 5th Avenues is composed of three towers that covers a 3-acre block ranging from 24 to 40 stories that lay on six levels of above-grade parking. A total area of 1,550,000 square foot is required for the construction of this green project. The purpose of the project is clearly environmental and of course economical. The natural and architectural aspects are balanced by incorporating two recreational park providing a soothing environment. Since Net Lima is the first green building in Philippines various new green practices will be showcased in the local market.

As analyzed by PHILGBC, air conditioning is the largest and also the most expensive energy consumer for all commercial buildings in Philippines. To avoid this excessive usage of AC and avoid the directly incident solar heat in a natural way, the entire tower is covered with leading edge diagonal aluminum solar screen overlays also giving the pointed towards the sky-shape to the building. The double glazed curtain wall glass and low-emissivity coating rejects heat. Hence, the energy consumption as well as the costs dealing with AC is reduced. It also provides the building with natural light and scenic views.

Instead of steel tanks, fiberglass fuel storage tanks which have the facility of in built leak detection for generators which are used during power cuts. These tanks have a longer life and can be easily repaired and serviced. The condensate water from the AC, which is generally thrown away, is separately collected in a tank and used for cleaning and in cloak rooms. Also some part of the cool air which is exhausted is channeled to the passage which is covered with different shops and stalls to provide comfort cooling.


Designer+ Architecture: Chad Oppenheim, 35, is a Miami-based international architect, whose work encompasses all realms of design, ranging from large-scale urban architecture, museums, and universities, to interiors and furnishings. The international award winner architect received his Bachelor of architect from Cornell University in the year 1994. Founded in 1999, Oppenheim Architecture + Design (OAD) has garnered global recognition for socially and environmentally conscious architecture, as well as setting trends in the sustainable and humanitarian sectors.
Location: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, The Philippines
Purpose: Mixed use development; office block with 3 towers ranging from 24 to 40 stories, ground level retail, 6 levels of above-grade parking and 1 level sub-grade parking
Surface Area: 1,550,000-square-foot
Construction Time: Office/retail complex beginning with the completion of The Net Lima in 2011. (Final completion of entire development set for 2014.)

Eco Credentials:
Since the project is the first green megastructure of Philippines, the entire project is constructed, keeping in mind the environmental aspects. The environmental as well as economical purpose is solved by the green building. The Union of environmental beauty and sustainability is clearly seen in the design. Derived from a study of solar conditions and scenic views, the towers are orientated so each is rotating off the other’s axis. Sustainability strategies have been incorporated in all facets of the design. The sun shading glass wraps the entire building that doesn’t allow solar heat to enter inside. And hence reducing the costs and energy consumption of AC. The water from the AC, which is considered a waste, is reused in the building toilets and also for irrigation purposes for on-site landscaping. The sun shading and curtain wall facade gives a distinctive look to the Net Lima and it will show out the green aspects of the beautiful building.

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