Thursday, August 12, 2010

Automatic Faucet - sensor tap

Just as my note, for airport project, it is suggested for the toilet to use sensor tap or automatic faucet. Currently this is the trend for other airport even in Asia as airport a gateway to the country and also spread of diseases such as H1N1.

Below is the description and advantages of sensor tap:-

An automatic faucet (sometimes called a sensor faucet) is a faucet with a hands-free mechanism for opening and closing its valve. The use of such faucets is mainly confined to public washrooms where they are an important tool for conserving water and mitigating the spread of germs.

How it work
An automatic control for a kitchen or lavatory faucet can significantly reduce water consumption through intermittent operation. Automatic faucets do not need many functions that ordinary faucets need, they need only an operator.

Operating the automatic faucet reduce the result in wasted water between the time that a hand moves from lever to the next object or task at hand to a bar of soap, a pot to fill with water, or a dish for rinsing.

Sensor or automatic faucets have the advantage of shutting off automatically after a hand wash therefore cutting down on water waste. This waste is also a concern for people who care for the environment. When installed in home, sensor faucets alleviate the need for parents to ensure that children have turned off taps. Sensor faucets can benefit elderly people or those suffering from arthritis since there are no handles to twist or pull.

Economically, sensor faucets use less water resulting in direct savings on your water bill. In a kitchen setting, they automatically shut off after you have used the correct amount of water for rinsing a pan or washing an apple which also eliminates the worry of a sink overflowing

The main disadvantage of automatic faucet is costly.

Green Building Certification
For green building specification, automatic faucet is best solution to get the most water saving as soome Green Rating tools such as LEED have specify that the faucet water flowrate for baseline design is 0.5 gallon per minute.

For information, the point for water efficiency in green building certification is depend on the saving of water which is the comparison of Proposed Design and Baseline Design.

This method also apply to the Energy Optimization performance (percentage saving between Proposed Design and Baseline Design).


naqib said...

do you know any supplier in malaysia for sensor taps, especially one i can use with above-counter basin? thanks

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