Monday, March 26, 2012

Green Party of Malaysia – Azlan Adnan

I don't know if they want to join PRU13 or not....

To give political clout to ENGOs and to push the green agenda into the Malaysian political consciousness.
Fifty-odd years after independence from British colonial rule, Malaysian politics has now reached the stage whereby race-based political parties no longer have any relevance or valid currency.
In the past fifty plus years, race-based politics has proven to be divisive and unhealthy for our nation. This is because the issue of race has become increasingly irrelevant in the emerging political landscape of Malaysia. Politicians who play the racial card will soon find themselves with no followers, or cronies, either, for that matter.
The GREEN PARTY OF MALAYSIA is a soon-to-be-registered political party that seeks to unite all Malaysians under the banner of environmentalism. I’d initially called this proposed political party an alliance because we intend to unite and give political clout to all the Environmental NGOs (ENGOs) in Malaysia ~ embracing the whole spectrum of environmental ideologies from deep ecology, preservation, conservation, sustainable development, and etc.

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