Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1 Hijau.TV - country's first green reference internet television site

Mixing the right formula has never been more important in today's ever changing climate. Fusing high end broadband technology and the passion for environmental protection in the country, 1 Hijau.TV was an instinctive progress to merge technology and environment to send an urgent message across to all Malaysians - the need to start a green movement to protect the very soil that gave life to all 26 million of us here.

1Hijau.TV aims to set precedence on the creation of a well-exposed society to all environmental issues - whether locally or globally. Featuring a plethora of local and international green programmes, 1Hijau.TV aspires to be the country's first green reference internet television site. Whether you are a student, a concerned housewife, a professional corporate player or an academic, 1Hijau.TV is the country's one-stop channel for everything green.

1Hijau.TV is an initiative of the Ministry of Green Technology, Water and Energy (KeTTHA).

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