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The lost Tribes of Israel-The Pashtuns ( Pashtun - Puak Bani Israel yang hilang )

The lost Tribes of Israel-The Pashtuns-Documentary Part 1 of 2

The lost Tribes of Israel-The Pashtuns-Documentary Part 2 of 2

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Total population
Approx. 49.5 million (2009) [1]
Regions with significant populations
Pakistan 35.64 million (2010) [2]
Afghanistan 13.46 million (2010) [3]
UAE 338,315 (2009) [4]
Iran 110,000 (2010) [5]
United Kingdom 100,000 (2009) [6]
Canada 26,000 (2006) [7]
India 11,086 (2001) [8]
United States 7,710 (2000) [9]
Malaysia and Singapore 5,100 (2008) [10]

Urdu and Dari spoken as second languages


Islam (Sunni Hanafi)
with a very tiny Twelver Shia community

Related ethnic groups

Pashtuns (Pashto: پښتون Paṣ̌tun, Pax̌tun, also rendered as Pushtuns, Pakhtuns, Pukhtuns), also called Pathans (in Urdu: پٹھان and Hindi: पठान Paṭhān)[11] or ethnic Afghans (in Persian: افغان) are an Eastern Iranian ethno-linguistic group with populations primarily in Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan, which includes Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Balochistan. The Pashtuns are typically characterized by their usage of the Pashto language and practice of Pashtunwali, a traditional set of ethics guiding individual and communal conduct.[12] Their true origin is unclear but historians have come across references to a people called Paktha (Pactyans) between the 2nd and the 1st millennium BC, which may be the early ancestors of Pashtuns. Since the 3rd century AD and onward, they are mostly referred to by the name "Afghan" ("Abgan").

The theory of Pashtun descent from Israelites is currently being studied by Navras Aafreedi and Shahnaz Ali of India.

"Pathans, or Pashtuns, are the only people in the world whose probable descent from the lost tribes of Israel finds mention in a number of texts from the 10th century to the present day, written by Jewish, Christian and Muslim scholars alike, both religious as well as secularists."[71]
—Navras Aafreedi, academic at the University of Lucknow and member of the Afridis

Israel is planning to fund this rare genetic study to determine whether there is a link between the lost tribes of Israel and the Pashtuns.

"Of all the groups, there is more convincing evidence about the Pashtuns than anybody else, but the Pashtuns are the ones who would reject Israel most ferociously. That is the sweet irony."[71]
—Shalva Weil, anthropologist and senior researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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