Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is Green Building make workers happier?

There several surveys done to determine " Is Green Building is a Happy Building?".

The study explored ventilation systems and the occupants’ level of control over the system in 12 case study buildings (six in the UK and six in India). These buildings could be classified into six categories, according to whether they were air-conditioned or ventilated naturally with central or local control.

Of the 12 buildings the study looked at, an office building in India with an advanced natural ventilation system had the lowest energy consumption, with a UK office building that uses central air-conditioning ranking the highest. No surprises there.

But the finding that should put a smile on everyone’s face is that the researchers found no correlation between high energy use and employee satisfaction- in fact, in both countries, buildings that combined air conditioning with local ventilation control reported higher satisfaction than centrally controlled systems. What’s more, researchers found that seasonal ailments in the UK were lowest in naturally ventilated buildings and in mixed mode buildings in India.


Different happiness factor for different peoples:-

Employer - Lower Electricity Bill, High Profit

Employee - Comfort Office, high level of individualized control, work satisfaction, safety and health friendly.

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