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Saudi Mufti names calls Jihad in Syria 'a betrayal of state and homeland'

Boleh keliru ummah marhaen macam ni. Mufti-mufti Malaysia apa pula pendapat mereka?

Saudi Mufti names calls Jihad in Syria 'a betrayal of state and homeland'

Publication time: 19 May 2013, 21:28 

A Saudi palace court "mufti", Abdul-Azeez ibn Abdullaah Aal ash-Shaikh, said that the calls for Jihad in Syria are to be considered as a kind of "betrayal against the state", according to Saudi press, in particular the leading and authoritive newspapers Al-Eqtisadiah and Al-Watan (offices in Dammam and Riyadh), cited by UmmaNews.

In his Friday sermon last week, which took place in the mosque of Imam Turki bin Abd al-Aziz, Aal ash-Shaikh spoke about all kinds of "treasons" and "betrayals".

Touching the issue of commercial and banking transactions, the "mufti" drew attention to Syria. According to him, the desire of young people to enter the jihad may be regarded as a "treason" to the Saudi regime.

"Yesterday, in his Friday sermon in the mosque of Imam Turki ibn Abd-al-Aziz in Riyadh, the mufti said that among there were those who betrayed their community and country by inciting people to take action that leads to humiliation and difficulties for their own country. He explained that these were the people who incite the youth to join the Jihad, and that they did not know the consequences and dangers awaiting", writes Al-Eqtisadiah".

For its part, Al-Watan adds that, according to Aal ash-Shaikh, the calls for Jihad separate the "pastor" (i.e., the king) from the "flock", and this, they say, is a real "betrayal".

It is to be recalled that a few weeks ago, most prominent palace scholars, including "mufti" Abdul-Azeez Salih Fevzan, visited the palace of king Abdullah in Riyadh, where they met senior Saudi officials. The meeting was filmed on a video and photographed.

At the meeting, the king offered to execute those calling Muslims to Jihad in neighboring Arab countries.

"It is unfortunate that there are some people who are exposing youth to danger, and prison sentences are not enough for them. These people want to lure children and lead them astray", said Abdullah, addressing the meeting of palace scholars.

"I think they deserve a severe punishment", Arab News quoted the Saudi king saying.

Not long ago, the Saudi palace "mufti", Abdul-Azeez Aal ash-Sheikh, urged Arabian Muslim youth not to join the Mujahideen in Syria because "it is unknown under which banner they are fighting". Aal ash-Sheikh said that "it would be better" to send money to Syrian Muslims or just "make a prayer".

It is to be noted, that everybody long knows that the banner under which the Mujahideen are fighting in Syria is a black flag with the words "La ilaha illa-Allah/There is no God but Allah". That is not news.

Meanwhile, in another interesting development. the Saudi regime supported a democratic group called "Syrian National Council (SNC)" which was condemned by all Syrian Mujahideen.

The Saudis supported the group twice: first, in November 2012 a SNC gathering, and then in March 2013б within the framework of an Arab League gathering.

Riyadh called Syrian pro-western democrats, who are supported by America, Britain and France, "the only legitimate representatives of the Syrian people".

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