Thursday, February 2, 2012

Encourage Public Transport in China - Pollution Reduction

Transport in the People's Republic of China has experienced major growth and expansion in recent years. Airports, roads, and railway construction will provide a massive employment boost in China over the next decade. 

Passengers to line up when entering bus

One aspect of this country's high-speed economic growth is that Chinese are getting richer and prefer to have their own cars. After decades of streets crowded with bicyclists pedaling their way to work, suddenly China has blossomed into the world's largest auto market.
But that isn't something worth celebrating, at least not for Chinese mayors. In fact, cities here are trying hard to pry drivers out of their shiny new cars and lure them into mass transit. 

Join the line, its queuing time

China's air pollution is worsening. Even with elevated standards for emissions, which are now stricter than those of many states in the United States, the addition of more cars plays a major role in causing acid rain and smog. State-run media reported that smog caused by vehicle emissions enveloped some regions of China for more than 200 days in 2009.

Encouraging people to line up to enter buses for; safety, public order, children and elderly.
And although scientists still debate whether some forms of vehicle pollution travel from China to other countries, as dust storms do, there is little doubt that a warming love affair with private cars in China is creating the greenhouse gas emissions to help warm the planet.

Transport Education
 Look for your exit and navigate her way around. 

Added Benefits of Public Transportation
Consider these other benefits of public transportation:
  • Energy independence—According to, if just one in 10 Americans used public transportation daily, U.S. reliance on foreign oil would decrease 40 percent.
  • Safety—Riding a bus is 79 times safer than riding in an automobile, and riding a train or subway is even safer.
  • Health—Studies have shown that people who use public transportation regularly tend to be healthier than people who don’t, because of the exercise they get walking to and from bus stops, subway stations and their homes and offices.
  • Cost savings—According to an APTA study, families that use public transportation can reduce their household expenses by $6,200 annually, more than the average U.S. household spends on food every year.

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