Monday, January 24, 2011

The World's First 4 Sim Cell Phone

Flying F160 Quad SIM Phone

This Flying F160 is the world’s first Quad SIM card, quad standby mobile phone. Quite why you’d need four SIM cards in your phone is another matter, although I suppose for permanent travelers this could save a bunch of time swapping out cards when you cross a border.

The rest of the spec is pretty so-so, with a 2 inch touchscreen, TV & FM radio, 0.3 mp camera and a choice of colors. Priced, however, at a very reasonable $75.00 unlocked. Great product name, eh?

Who needs a quad SIM phone? Frequent travelers, people who want different numbers for work and personal life, and…let’s face it…people with lots and lots of extramarital affairs and general pimps of the nation. The F160 uses four GSM cards. As a a fully unlocked quad band phone, you can use the Flying F160 to make calls anywhere in the world. Typing messages is quick and easy with the QWERTY keyboard, and navigating through menus is a breeze with the 2.0″ touch screen.

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