Monday, May 24, 2010

Indonesia Green Building Standard

"The Greenship is an initial step towards developing a rating system. The guidelines include a list of desirable features *to make buildings environmentally friendly* but does not include scores, points or standard references," said Rana Yusuf Nasir, the council's chairman for equipment and skills.Having a rating system will make it easier for the council to join the World Green Building Council, which currently has 14 members, including Australia, Japan and India.

The main "Greenship" guidelines are:

  • The availability of access to public transport

  • The availability of parking spaces for bicycles and changing rooms

  • The management of rainwater

  • The protection or restoration of open spaces

  • The constructing of absorption wells

  • The usage of water-efficient plumbing

  • Water quality and usage monitoring

  • The recycling of "wudhu" (Islamic method of washing oneself before praying) water

  • The usage of grey water and black water recycling systems

  • The monitoring of a building's energy usage

  • Reporting on emission reduction

  • Optimizing the usage of environmentally friendly cleaning products

  • Using recycled materials

  • Smoke-free building

  • Natural lighting

  • Surveying the building users' comfort

1 comment:

Stephanie Tan said...

Great... I hope Malaysia Government would have implement Green Technology to all sector too.

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