Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Electricity Energy Audit in Malaysia's Electricity Tariff


You can do your own energy audit in a web based application in Calculate Your Bill

It is a very good initiative toward the energy efficiency.

To use it, firstly you have to list all the equipments that consume electricity with the basic specification such as power input, duration of usage, no. of unit.

How to get the data? Every electrical equipment will have the specification label, just search for it, or go to the manufacturer's website.

For some equipment, such as computer, if the data label in the power supply is for full load, but for normal operation, it is only consume half of it, (i.e: Max Power supply : 300W, Normal operation: 150W)

The most electrical consumption equipment normally goes to Air Conditioned Unit, freezer, lightings system etc.

You can also compare saving between Energy Efficiency Equipment and None Energy Efficiency Equipment.

Just try it.

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