Wednesday, December 17, 2008

42% of Asian children are not concerned about environmental protection

In a study conducted by TNS, children aged 3 to 9 in four Asian countries (China, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand) were asked on their level of concern about the need for environmental protection. The results are shown below:
  • Very concerned - 15%
  • Somewhat concerned - 43%
  • Not very concerned - 32%
  • Not at all concerned - 10%

The study results suggest that 42% of children in Asia are not very or not at all concerned about the need for environmental protection. This is in contrast to the children’s mothers, who are 95% concerned about the need for environmental protection. Why do a high percentage of our future generation not care about the environment?

Perhaps we are just too harsh on them. They are still young and innocent to understand the need for protecting the environment. Or they do know the need but are more concerned about other things such as schoolwork, toys and computer games or just about having fun.

Regardless of the reasons, there is a need for parents to educate their children and raise awareness about the environment. Since parents know more about the need to protect the environment (as shown in the high 95% concern), they should be the role models and educate our future generation.

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