Friday, April 18, 2008

Green Practices in The Hospitality Industry

Pretty much everyone these days is getting environmentally conscious; in fact, the Tourism industry has long since been following green ways. But this was quite limited to the extent of reusing towels or saving power consumption. However more and more hotels and restaurants are coming out with new ways and means to go green and woo the environmentally conscious customer. Many customers are choosing hotels or resorts that advertise and practice as being environmentally conscious.

Many businesses have realized that by going green in a big way, it's serving a dual purpose. One, they are gaining foothold in terms of their reputation. Two, in the bargain they are saving a lot.

So, what are some of the energy saving ways that hotels/restaurants or the hospitality business are using?

  • Intelligent lighting, undersea air cooling systems,
  • Most plastic products in the room are done away with
  • Spas made up of mud
  • Solar water heating
  • Air conditioning systems that automatically shut off, should the guests leave their room doors open
  • Herb gardens fertilized by organic fertilizers
  • Low flush toilets
  • Furniture that is made from salvaged wood
  • Educating both, guests and staff as to why going green is important. This is done, by leaving little tid bit of information

    at strategic places in the guest rooms.

  • Using environmentally safe laundry products
  • Putting a separate recycle bins for guests to use, so that they have the option of separating things that can be recycled.

  • Delivery of newspapers only when requested.
  • Sheets and towels re-use policy

  • True, we all need to take a break ever so often and stay in hotels. However we can do our bit of staying environmentally friendly, in many ways. Probably the first thing we can start our trip is by, booking a 'green' hotel. Once at the hotel, practice green tips while at the hotel; switch off lights when not in use, save water, don't flush things like tissue or hair etc, reuse towels, cutting down on bulk amenities of soap/shampoo, try carrying and using your own where possible.

    While hotels and various other industries can take various measures to go green, it is our responsibility to follow and adopt these measures and make them part of our lives.

    Going green begins with us!!

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